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at the Duckpond

It is two years since the Satin Bowerbird decided to establish an arena
in the garden at The Duckpond to display his collection of blue treasures.

It seemed fitting that this should be a matching book to Swamp Rats at The Duckpond

The book is covered with Lokta paper and the inside cover is of handmade grass paper.

The book contains 20 photos (professionally printed and mounted with acid free tape)
to illustrate the accompanying story of the bowerbirds as I have observed them.

The book is constructed with three signatures, each wrapped in
'bowerbird approved colour" Canson Mi-Teintes pastel paper
made fom the native tussock grasses through which they travel daily.

The pages are laser printed on 120gsm paper and dyed with paper dye..

The spine is a double layered laminated handmade paper,
reinforced with Tyvek and stitched with a design from one of
Keith Smith's Non-Adhesive Bookbinding books
Price A$200, plus A$10.00 postage & packing in Australia
Preferred method of payment in Australia is direct bank deposit

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