Limited Edition Artist Books
by Cecilia


  Annual Limited Edition Artist Books in reverse chronological order
  No Chickens at the Duckpond 2016 Conversations with Leaves 2015
Ten Years at the Duckpond 2014
Indecisions 2013
Small Wonders 2012
The Story of the Forest 2011
How to Speak New Zillund 2010
Swamp Rats at The Duckpond 2008
Our Year at the Duckpond 2007
The Wompoo Papers 2006
Dos a Dos Coffee/Tea Book 2005
Birthday Calendar 2004
Before Our Time 2003
  Down the Garden Path 2002 Bronx Boids 2001
Timbo World Traveller 2001
  Song of the Loom 2000
Mechanical Pooh Bear 2000

Haiku Poems 1999
Rainbow Book 1999

  Brush Lettered Alphabet 1998  
Other Books
Eighteen Shakespeare Sonnets