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Duckpond Press
and Cecilia Sharpley's
'Leaf Magic' eucalyptus eco prints

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new prints added
17 September 2016

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new books added 7 September 2016

Duckpond Press creates various artworks depending on the whim and the weather!
My garden is the inspiration for much of my artwork - it is large - and I must care for it.

For the past two years I have been endeavouring to unravel the secrets
of the colours hidden within the leaves of many (but not all) eucalyptus leaves.

These prints are available for sale. Each is unique, as the leaves can only be used once.
Some prints have been used as covers for handbound books.
I have priced the books and prints lower than I've been told I should,
but I just want to recoup sufficient funds to continue on my quest to uncover still more elusive colours.
Please enjoy looking through the Leaf Magic gallery.